This blog is at the moment only written and maintained by myself, Juanjo Medina. I am a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Manchester that has now being working away from home (Spain) for nearly 19 years (gosh!).

This blog aims to serve as a vehicle of communication about all things crime/criminal justice related I feel worth discussing and have (rarely) the time to write about. It will surely include a lot of (justified) rants about personal pet peeves. It will also likely include some mumbling on data analysis and statistics. It is “Spanglish” to reflect my position as an academic, somebody that left his home country a long time ago to study (and work) in the US first and then work in the UK. During all this period, like a proper “disinherited“, I have (with some success) tried to spread the “gospel” of Anglo-American criminology back home (and, indeed, they DO have first-hand experience on what doesn’t work!), but also aimed (rather more unsuccessfully) to remind Anglo-American criminologists of their own parochialism and the peculiarities of crime and justice in Spain. Entries and posts will be written in either Spanish or English mostly depending on its primary intended audience. If in the process I manage to persuade you of the benefits of different ways of responding to crime (and that “otro derecho penal es posible“), I will be a very happy camper indeed.

If you want to learn more about my work you may want to check this link with my professional profile at Manchester University or at academia.edu. You can also follow me at twiter @Juan_JoseMedina.

If you are interested more generally in Spanish criminology, it is worth checking the website of the Spanish Society of Criminology.


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